Building Allegiance One Mission At A Time



Delivering the most efficient, cost-effective, technologically advanced solutions on time and on budget is how we earn our clients. Built from experience and structured from the ground up, Allegiance Supply provides responsive, creative, mission-focused solutions. A company with proven professional experience in military and civilian logistics management, Allegiance Supply knows how to deliver quality solutions. The ability to measure quality performance sets competitors apart. Allegiance Supply not only measures quality, but our processes are also highly proficient at increasing productivity for our clients through innovative solutions of the highest standard. Our expeditious scalable force offers wide-reaching capabilities unlike any of our competitors.



John McKinley, President
Allegiance Supply is owned and operated by retired Marine Corps Captain John McKinley. John is a decorated combat Marine who served as an infantry officer while in the United States Marine Corps. John draws from not only his experience as a Marine but also from his ten years working as an operations and logistics manager prior to his military service. John is focused on customer service and supply solutions to meet the growing industry needs.